Moon, Stars and Trials [❁]

*This entry was written on February 23, 2012 (Thursday)

Suddenly, I feel so envious with doctors. They could treat people who are sick. Unlike me, I’m adept with computers. Big deal. What good thing can it bring if something happens regarding my health? I wish I just took Doctorate or medicine, etc. My parents would even benefit from my work.

Sigh. 😦

The view on the hospital window at my sister’s room was magnificent. It was facing West so I was able to see the sunset. 

A ‘belt of Venus’ formed on the horizon line few minutes after. 

Later, a very thin crescent moon came into view! It was a gorgeous site. 

Then again minutes later, a super bright  Venus appeared in view. Then I knew surely shortly after, I would be seeing Jupiter too. ^^

I thank God for that wonderful sight. This is one of those tough times of our family. I hope all things will be alright in the end. I am praying for my sister’s quick recovery.

*** Update: My sister is recovering fast now, thankfully. She still can’t travel yet though so she’s just resting at home. Everyone of us are looking after her. I’m happy everything went well.

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