CNA Shop Arrives in the Philippines [★]

In a few hours, one of Korea’s most popular fancy shop will open up its first branch here in the Philippines.

CNA, which stands for Culture Nature Art, will open its first local branch on May 19 at 9:00AM (around 7 hours later as of this writing) located at Malate Manila.

One of the many CNA’s branch in Korea

The store holds a vast variety of Korean accessories, cosmetics, and kpop stuff (albums, posters and merchandise!). With the very successful rise of the Halyu wave in the country, many of the youth are now crazed with everything Korean. Taking this as an opportunity, Kring Elenzano (a familiar face to most Filipino kpop fans since she hosted several kpop events in the past) together with Jimmy Kim, her Korean boyfriend, worked on launching a CNA store locally.

Kring Elenzano (middle) promoting for CNA

Actually, CNA goods have already been for sale locally through various bazaars last year. The official store opens a few hours later with more products in store for everyone.

For an overview of the products that are available in CNA, check out this link.


I am so excited go here later! I will update the blog for interesting scoops on the store’s grand opening. 😀

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