Venus Transit 2012 – A Once-In-This-Lifetime Event [★]

You may already have heard that something rare will happen on the first week of June, particulary between the 5th and 6th. This is actually true, and that event is called a Venus Transit. It is a very rare astronomical phenomenon wherein Venus will pass between the Sun and the Earth. Most part of the Earth will get to see the silhouette of the planet as it passes across the face of the Sun.
This rare alignment happens in pairs with eight years apart, and more than a hundred years between pairs. This is the last Venus transit within the lifetime of all people living now, as the next one will occur in the year 2117. The last transit of Venus occurred on June 8, 2004. 
that small dot is Venus

Venus’ position at 10:02AM on June 6
Venus’ sillhouette exiting the sun’s surface

The transit will last for roughly six hours. Here in the Philippines, it will be around 6:45AM to 12:30PM. If you plan to observe this event, it is recommended that you find a spot where you’ll have a clear view of the eastern horizon since the event will occur at sunrise. A telescope is highly recommended for use to get a clear view of Venus (CAUTION: DO NOT LOOK AT THE LENS OF THE TELESCOPE WITH THE NAKED EYE WHILE IT’S POINTED TOWARDS THE SUN BECAUSE IT CAN CAUSE BLINDNESS). If you are an amateur observer, have time to read these safe ways to observe the transit of Venus.
If you don’t want to bother creating a setup but rather join a crowd of enthusiasts of this event, a public observation organized by local astronomical societies will be held at the CS Amphitheater at UP Diliman. This is a great opportunity to learn about transits from the experts themselves and to socialize with people who are also interested in the field.
Don’t dare miss this event!

Let’s hope for clear skies!

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