Goals Checkpoint [✏]

It’s been seven months since this blog started. In case you don’t know, I started this site to keep track of the goals that I wanted to achieve in due time (see About page). I never thought I would one day be serious in maintaining a blog. Actually this is one of my goals, and here, I have already achieved it. Hooray!

So far, I have set seven goals for myself and this blog has already reached 72 posts (excluding this one). Let’s analyze how I’m progressing:


I have learned so much since step 1! With the help of the books that I’ve read and the experiences that I’ve done, I have learned much about photography. I’m planning to buy a telescope (if I successfully manage my finances!). I’m really excited to step up on astrophotography!

* Goal #2: DBI PROJECT 1 step

I understand why this one is not progressing much. At first this is among the lowest priorities that I have so I only gave little attention on this. Later on and until that event happened, doing this seems not important anymore. But for the sake of documentation and keeping good memories alive, I need to finish this as soon as possible so I can finally close this little chapter in my life.

* Goal #3: PIANO 1 step

Oh no! Learning to play the piano is one of my greatest dreams since childhood. I regret not having time to practice playing again. But soon (hopefully very very soon), I will have professional assistance in learning to play!

* Goal #4: COOKING: 4 steps

Looking through the steps I’ve already done in my cooking goal, I’ve realized that I only made very simple dishes. I admit I don’t have time for this too (T_T). But I will challenge myself. I will outdo all the dishes that I’ve already done. \\(^ __ ^)//

* Goal #5 DIET1 step

Several times I’ve attempted to do regular yoga exercises everyday but I failed several times too. 😦 Anyway, I’m doing something aside from exercise that will help me lose some weight (will blog about this soon!). 😀

* Goal #6 ANDROID2 steps

This is one of the goals that I’ve left behind also. I’ll surely make up on the months to come because I’m on a new department at work wherein more technical work is involved.

* Goal #7 HANGUL – no step

Actually in real life I have already done something about this goal. I can already read hangul characters. I just have to create a post about it. 😀

So far, I’m excelling most on the photography part. Hooray! There are areas still for improvement. Go go go! 😀


My goal also in putting up this blog is to inspire others to reach for their dreams. Baby steps can go a long long way. Let’s reach out for our dreams together! ^_____________^

And by the way, as you have noticed already, my blog has a new layout! Hooray!

Goodbye old template! ^__^

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