Nature Tripping at the Mountains [☾ ~ #14]

Just last weekend, our company held our yearly outing at a resort in Batangas (2-hour drive south of Manila). It was actually the worst time to do go out of town because the weather was not really good and it was a heavy downpour throughout the day. Well, one of my main objectives for coming along the trip was to take photos within a different environment. I took this opportunity because for sure, there would be sceneries awaiting there that is worth capturing on the lens.

And thankfully, I was not dissapointed.

freshly-picked aratilis fruits

We found a Jamaican Cherry tree (locally known as aratilis) and ate some of its fruits. The place was all trees.  Too bad I was not able to enjoy much of the place because of the storm. 

I really like playing around the depth of field, and the following pictures are examples. Here is the view at our window upon arrival at the resort.

in this focus, rain droplets on our window are visible on the image

focus is modified to make the view at the outside window sharp and crisp

So far, these are the photos that I was able to take during the trip. I figured that I’m loving nature photography even more. 😀

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