Globe APN Settings for Mobile Internet on Android [✏]

It’s not everywhere that we find a signal for wifi network. That’s why it’s still advantageous to be subscribed to an unlimited data plan. Alternatively this is also available to prepaid subscribers with a rate of Php10 per 30 minutes of connection.

For Android users that are Globe subscribers and want to connect the internet via the mobile network, here’s the APN settings that worked for my phone which is an HTC Wildfire S running on Android 2.3.5.

Name:      [you can put any name here]
Port:         8080
Authenitcation Type:  PAP
APN Type:   default

Leave the other fields with their default values. With these settings you can now connect to the globe mobile network and surf the internet.


For the month of July, I was one of those Globe subscribers who availed of their one-month long promo of free access to mobile Twitter. Through this, I got to explore the settings of mobile network on my phone. This information could be helpful for other subscribers of the network so I decided to make a post about it. 🙂

[UPDATE]: Many have found this post helpful and I’m glad that this setting worked for you. As for those asking, I’d reiterate points here that have been asked several times by blog visitors *see long list of comments below*

  • You need balance to be able to surf using this setting.

          You need at least Php5.00 to be able to surf the internet (Regular rates cost P5/15minutes).

  • Internet connection using this setting may be very sloooow.

          Internet speed actually would depend on the 3G signal in your location. As for me, internet was fastest when I’m in Manila. Worst case I’ve experienced was the internet was too slow that no web page would load. I had to refresh the page several times before the web page loaded successfully. This may be the case for those who posted that this setting is not working for them. Certain apps (i.e. Facebook) may also encounter errors/exceptions because it cannot connect successfully to the internet.

  • I recommend to use Opera Mini Browser when using this setting. 

          This browser uses less data (compared to other mobile browsers) in surfing the mobile net. With a slow connection, this browser can load web pages faster because it needs fewer data to load the pages. Other browsers would still work too though.

  • I have tried  this setting only on a Globe simcard.

          I haven’t used this on a TM, but maybe it would work too. Just try it yourself. 😀

If your question was not answered by the points above, scroll down on the comments section below. Others might have posted the same question that you have. 🙂


[UPDATE (July 19, 2013)]
Hi guys. I’ve tried using this setting for 3G recently and to my surprise, it was not working and displayed ‘Invalid APN Setting’. I am not sure what happened but it was connecting properly before. Maybe Globe modified the network setting?

Anyway, please continue sending your feedback. I hope this becomes fixed soon.

[UPDATE (October 27, 2013)]
I think it’s working again! I tried to connect again from my phone today and no error was displayed. I was able to load a page ( but the connection is still too slow. :O

[UPDATE April 24, 2015]
So I received this advisory from Globe, and by the looks of it, you won’t be needing to set up any setting or configuration on your phone to start mobile surfing! Read their advisory below:

Experience a new way of surfing with Globe Prepaid! Now you can go online automatically using your phone even without configuring the internet settings. To avoid unexpected charges, turn on SurfAlert. This FREE service will put browsing on hold when your device tries to connect online and you’re not registered to a surf promo. For info, dial *143# > My Account > Mobile Internet Usage. You  can also turn off your cellular data in your phone settings. Have a wonderful day!

I have not tried this myself. Have you? Share your experience on the comments below. 😀

119 thoughts on “Globe APN Settings for Mobile Internet on Android [✏]”

  1. I think I just need to thank you for this :)Just got my new smartphone and not much of this phone in Philippines (Oppo R819), its a really great phone but the Data Settings (APN) is not ready here (unlike my Note 2), looked for several threads, post and blogs til I found this one. Apparently, the Configuration Settings sent by globe doesn't accept the default PIN which is \”1234\” so I need to configure it Manually. Thanks for this! 3G is now working in my phone 🙂


  2. Using a galaxy's3 (i9300) ROOTED running cyanomod ROM v10.1.3 … Cant seenm to connect to data. With agh I've settings.. Any idea if there how to solve! Thanks


  3. you're totally an angel for me., thought I would be wasting my load balance just to connect on the net. so i have to do a research just to solve this shitty proxy authentication error. 😀 thnx


  4. excuse po 🙂 bakit po sakin may lumabas na need mag log in ? Ano po ilalagay ko na Username at Password ?? pls reply .. TY TY 🙂


  5. sometimes, it really takes so slow to browse the internet on globe. but i understand that!but compared to any other networks. GLOBE IS THE BEST AND COULD BE BETTER 🙂 I LOVE GLOBE! 🙂


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