‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Musical Comes to Manila [★]

I was always enchanted by this story ever since I’ve come to learn about it (of when I cannot  remember anymore). Those who I’ve talked about it take pity on Phantom’s unrequited love. The first song that I’ve learned from its musical was ‘Think of Me’. I remember when I was in high school, our group practiced singing it for a school presentation. When I saw the film adaptation years after its release, I was deeply moved with the story, the music, and the characters.

A few weeks from now, this timeless masterpiece will be presented again in broadway at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Theater. I’ve learned about this two years earlier because of a blog post in Chico Garcia’s site and I’ve waited for it ever since. A few months before, I thought of not actually seeing the show (because the tickets are somewhat expensive). Fortunately because of certain turn of events, I am actually watching!

Here’s the proof. YAY!
I am so excited! I familiarized myself more to the pieces from the musical and fell in love again with the songs. I watched the movie adaptation again and bought the book where it is based. 

I am currently under the Phantom’s spell and I love it. 
Looking forward to the show! 😀

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