Round Two of Jjim Jil Bang Spa at Lasema [★]

I really enjoyed the first time I went to this Korean spa. There was a promo again that’s why my friend and I did not let this opportunity pass. We availed of the full-package promo voucher (Sauna + Jjim Jil Bang + Massage).

Same Routine
Just like the first time, we scheduled our visit on a Friday at 11PM so that we could maximize our 12-hour stay at the Dry Sauna. It’s also nice to stay overnight because there are only a few people there (and most of them just sleep during those hours) so you have all the freedom and privacy to roam around and stay at the wet and dry sauna rooms, and the ice room. We chose the Swedish massage and I’d say I prefer this than the Shiatsu-Swedish massage combination that I tried before. It was more relaxing and the strokes were more gentle. There’s even a foot scrub massage included! I love the smell of their massage oils. Apparently they sell these by P200/bottle, which I think would be enough for 3-4 massage sessions. 

New Discoveries
We were able to discover areas of Lasema that we did not get to visit before. The Common Room, which is a small room with long black chairs that could be lied on, has this shelf filled with mangas (they’re all written in Korean unfortunately xD) and a small aquarium in the middle with fish swimming in it. We also got to sleep in one of the caves in the Sleeping Area. We again ate ramen, grilled eggs, and iced shikhye, and tried some new ones – gimbaps and patbingsu (which is like halo-halo). 

There’s also some cute figurines showing the traditional costumes of Korea. I didn’t see these before. Maybe they’re new?

The TV’s brand at the common room is Samsung (as expected xD).

Excellent Customer Service
I am so glad that the crew there are so nice and very polite to the customers. From the receptionists, to the crew at the snackbar, and the massage therapist, they were all very courteous. I especially liked the service provided by those at the snack bar because they serve our orders very fast and they give the food neatly arranged on the tray. They are even attentive to our little requests like having an extra cup or a spoon. The food tastes great too.

It was such a relaxing night. We’d definitely return again to this place. 😀

10 thoughts on “Round Two of Jjim Jil Bang Spa at Lasema [★]”

  1. Ms. Paano kung walang promo? It means there's no voucher right. Will I just call them to make a reservation and then pay straight ahead to the counter


  2. Goodmorning!:) may i just ask if we really need to purchase the 990 package or can we just choose one that can lessen the price? because i think it's just a waste of money as we're just going to skip the massage and wet saunas. we prefer the dry sauna or jjimjilbang and 12hr stay and food only. thankyou. :)) if there's no other option, we would purchase the expensive one.


  3. As of May 30, 2014 (my last visit there):P150 – Lamen (spicy noodles), good for twoP100 – Shikhye (though their sign there said P70, don't be deceived!)P15 – Grilled Egg(I haven't tried their other snacks there.)


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