Lifehacker Featured Desktop: The Slate Desktop [★]

It’s a nice thing to personalize your desktop. It’s one screen that you would mostly stumble upon when using your laptop/PC. What you see on it would most likely say something about the owner of that computer.

As for me, I didn’t really bother decorating my desktop before. I had the same wallpaper for months and the folders and files were all scattered around the screen. However, everything changed when the featured desktop articles of lifehacker caught my attention. These inspired me to try something new on my desktop. 

And my chosen theme was The Slate Desktop.

This is how my desktop looks now:

Pretty neat, right?

You can do that on your own desktop too! There are instructions in the link on how to achieve this look. And if you devised your own desktop theme, you can send that over to the team at lifehacker for them to share it to their readers. 😀  

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