Sound Bites: Nights of Rizal Feat. Aia de Leon (Imago) – Closer Than Ever [☝]

Electronic dance music (EDM) doesn’t really fit on the pinoy music scene. Most of our local acts are of the acoustic, rock, alternative, and ballad genre. However, an indie artist, Nights of Rizal, challenged the waves as he tried to mix the two scenes together with the song Closer Than Ever featuring Imago’s former vocalist, Aia De Leon.

With just the first few beats of the song and you’ll know that this track is fit for the dance floor. I’m not really a fan of electronic music (save The Algorithm Band’s I guess) but listening to this song repeatedly kind of pulled me to the beat and I found myself suddenly tapping to the rhythm. I believe Nights of Rizal is trying to pull a David Guetta-ish and effect to the song. Well, it turned out actually well.


Aia with Nights of Rizal

I wouldn’t really recognize Aia’s voice in this song. I know her in Imago. Maybe it’s because her approach to this song is just a bit different to her usual style in her band. 

This song is a fresh new take in the music that we may be listening to our local radios today. 

If you liked it, you can download a copy here

This is what I love about independent artists. They get to do their own mixes without following the crowd. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sound Bites: Nights of Rizal Feat. Aia de Leon (Imago) – Closer Than Ever [☝]”

  1. Hey, thanks for this post. Anyway, since that I am familiar with the Electronic Dance Music scene, I can say that this song is really different, it's like this has not been done before.


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