Lunar Photography – First Take [☾ ~ #26]

Shooting the moon without a telescope has become trickier for me after I graduated from college because it just meant that I won’t have access anymore to my astronomical org’s resident telescope. All I have now is my handy-dandy point-and-shoot camera.

Fortunately, the latest models of digital cameras have become powerful enough that they have the ability to (super) zoom in faraway objects.

My target tonight is an object 384,400 km away from where I amthe moon.

There’s our target, with our house’s gate railings and a few clouds beneath it. Moon is zoomed on the inset.

When I prepared my setup (digicam + tripod) today, the sun was just about to set. Meanwhile the moon is just rising on the eastern horizon. Our house faces the east so it was easy to spot the rising moon from my view.

A few minutes later, full darkness enveloped the scene and we see now our moon shining in all its glory.

 I am still experimenting on the setup of the cam, and by far this is the best shot I got for tonight.

That’s the original photo. Post-processing the image in GIMP, the photo became like this:

Apparently some details of the photo are enhanced by adjusting the Curves and applying the Unsharp Maks filter.

I can’t wait to capture the moon in its different phases (and capture a moonshine if possible!)

Hoping for clear skies for the next days to come! 😀


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