Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sounds Show [★]

Because life goes on… and there’s Christmas to celebrate!

On November 20, the gardens of Ayala triangle was draped with magnificent and colorful lights as the launch of the Gardens Lights and Sounds Show was held, marking the beginning of festive nights in the garden. The lights, that dance with Christmas melodies played throughout the gardens, has been an attraction not just for the working people of Makati, but also for families and friends who visit the place. On the opening night, a huge crowd gathered around the gardens, happily anticipating the show.

Ginger Conejero is the host of the night. She is so beautiful! A little program was held on the area of the Stocks Exchange (though I was only able to catch little of it) before the unveiling of this year’s light show.

I am not sure but based on what I heard her say, the choreography of the lights is actually the winner of a contest held for the show (update: it’s not a contest apparently… it was designed by lighting engineer Voltaire de Jesus.) The lights presented two “dance numbers”, each lasting roughly for 10 minutes.

 I realized it’s been two years since I last watched the show, and I think that it has been grander since.

Spectators happily capture the lights with their cameras (like what I did too xD).

There was also ‘smoke’ going up under the trees to add a misty effect to the show.  (。♥‿♥。)

My sister and I adorably refer to these lights as the ‘diamond snow’. 😀

The lights dances every 30 minutes starting at 6PM until 9PM. The show will last until December 31 this year. 🙂


reference: ayalatriangle.com 

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