Gmail Detects Absence of Attachment File When There Should Be [★]

Brilliant work, GOOGLE! 😀

(I know, it’s a long title xD)

Anyway I was typing away an IMPORTANT email to an IMPORTANT recipient when I stumbled upon this pop-up message on GMAIL:

Did you mean to attach files?
You wrote “Attached is” in your message, but there are no files attached. Send anyway?

 I am so relieved that Google thought of this one because (admit it!) most of us make this mistake of sending out an email without placing the file attachment (and this saved me fom embarrassing myself from that important recipient).

I got curious on how the developers have implemented this enhancement in GMAIL. I know in my case, the program was able to detect this user error because of the phrase-

Attached is my…

in the email body. But what if the wording was different? Let’s put this to a test, shall we?

Upon testing several keywords in the email that may mean that there is an attachment in it, the following are the keywords that triggered the pop-up message:

see attached

attached file

The following DID NOT trigger the pop-up message:

file attached
attached file here
see file attached
Here is an attachment.
Attached here is… 

I understand that this is indeed a tricky enhancement to implement though I think the developers did pretty well on this one. Cheers Google! 😀

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