Dayrit Exhibit On Display At UP Vargas Museum [★]

Vargas Museum in cooperation with Artinformal (AI), presents Bla-Bla Archaeological Complex, presents
an exhibition of the works of Cian Dayrit.

Cian Dayrit continues his inquiry into the role that strategies of display and representation play in mediating our notions of history and the associated domains of identity, heritage, and nationhood. In the Bla-Bla Archaeological Complex, Dayrit presents artifacts to assemble the narrative of a proto-culture. Coupling the display format of museums with archaeological phraseology in framing the development, practices, and beliefs of a fictional culture, Dayrit plays in the wiki-blurred topography of contemporary knowledge production. The exhibition simultaneously invites the viewer to partake in mining the fiction of a glorious past while attempting to lay bare the scaffolding in the edifice of history.
Bla-Bla Archaeological Complex will run until the 8th of February 2014. 
Vargas Museum 
Direct Line: (+632) 928-1927
UP Trunkline: (+632) 981-8500 loc. 4024
Fax: (+632) 928-1925

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