Desserts Galore [❁]

These are (some of) the reasons why I’m fat. LOL.

Who would say no to good food? For the past months (especially the last!), I was eating out with my colleagues at restaurants I have never been into. I discovered lots of great dishes across different cuisines. If I took pictures of each of the dish I ate, I could have built a wide gallery of it. Well I was too lazy to do it (all I wanted to do was eat haha). But not with desserts! Maybe their cute plating is my weak point. xD

Seriously, how can you eat something as cute as this?!

I get so fascinated by the appearance of the desserts that I can’t resist but to snap an image of it before I smash it into my mouth. Hahaha!

If I had the talent, I would have dreamed of being a pastry chef. :p

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