Oppa! Take Me to Korea: Littlemisshoo’s Korean Tour Guide Book 2 [★]

Littlemisshoo is back with a new book for all of us kdrama lovers and fangirls at heart!

Following the success of her first book entitled TRAVEL TO KOREA IN KPOP/KDRAMA STYLE comes another tour guide book with a whole new set of interesting places to visit based on kdrama shooting locations and celebrity-owned restaurants to name a few!



It’s a bigger and better version of the first book — more pages, pictures, and information about the must-see places for all kdrama lovers.

The book was officially launched in the Philippines last March 1 with a book-signing activity at National Book Store Glorietta 1. Littlemisshoo, or Ros Hoo in real life, was there and she talked about her book and her own experiences while travelling in Korea.

In her talk, she mentioned a restaurant where scenes of the drama You Who Came From the Stars  was shot, the houses in the We Got Married Village, and going on a one-week tour in Jeju.

The book will be very useful for people who will be visiting South Korea because it’s complete with directions on trains and buses to get on to arrive at the place. Littlemisshoo did the researching and travelling herself so the information in the book came from first-hand experience!

Oppa! Take Me to Korea truly completes your travel essentials to the Halyu land. 😀 This will surely be useful in my upcoming *crossing fingers* trip to the country in the very near future! I am so excited to see all the places listed there in person!

Go grab your copy now! 😀

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