Forever 21 Powerbank Promo [★]

I’m such a sucker for deals like this. Imagine, I get to have the products of a brand that I like, then I get something more on top of that!

Just like this one by Forever 21, they are currently having this promo wherein you’ll get a power bank when you do a single-receipt purchase worth Php3,000.

The power bank has an input/output of 5V/500mAh. I am not sure how much power this can give to your gadgets but to give you a slight idea, a 13,000mAh power bank can fully charge a Samsung S4 for almost 3 times. This means that this power bank can come in handy for emergency cases wherein you need to keep your gadgets running for at least the next hour.

The Forever 21 power bank comes in yellow and black. I chose the former one because the color makes the power bank look like the store’s shopping bags. 😀

Getting a power bank and updating my wardrobe are both on my to-do list, so when I learned about this promo, I knew this would be a double-combo in checking off tasks in my list. 😀

Their promo ends on March 16 (which is tomorrow). If you like to have your very own Forever 21 power bank, head on to their store outlets! 😀


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

4 thoughts on “Forever 21 Powerbank Promo [★]”

  1. Hi! I asked one F21 staff when I was there and she told me it's until March 16 only. Though it's still possible that they have extended the promo. Maybe you should visit one of their outlets to be sure. 🙂


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