ALL OR NOTHING: 2NE1 In Manila Concert Updates [★]

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Fellow blackjacks! Are you excited already? It’s just around a month to go before #AONManila! So many things have happened since my last update so I am summarizing the important ones on this page.

Have you bought your tickets?
There are only a few seats available as of this writing so if you haven’t grabbed your tickets, buy now!

our tickets to #AONManila! 😀

Participate in fan projects!

Local fanclub 2NE1PH has been very active promoting fan projects for the upcoming concert! There are lots of ways to show support: donate, buy merchandise, or participate in their projects. 😀
visit for more details

Let’s review their songs!

The group has just recently launched their new album Crush. I have been listening to the album and also to their older songs for quite some time now, in preparation for the concert. I can really feel that this is going to be one great hell of a party! Don’t know what to listen first? You may want to visit their official Youtube page and watch great live performances and funky music videos of the group.
I really can’t wait for May 17 to come! ^_______^

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