New Softwares = New Things To Learn [★]

A lot of things happened yesterday. I know I might be a little behind these but I have upgraded the laptop to Windows 8.1 (thank you LTE!) and I acquired a new toy – an iPad mini, my first ever Apple gadget! Now my brain needs to absorb all the new things that these two have to offer, so I’m listing down here all the new stuff that I will be learning from these software beasts.

Windows 8.1
If you want to learn all the new features packed in this update from Windows, head on to Lifehacker, my favorite site for everthing awesome. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

So far, here are my first impression on the update:

* login to your profile uses your Windows account credentials

* the Start button is now visible on the task bar!

* a number of new apps were installed, and my favorite is the Health & Fitness!

    * the Libraries folder is missing! (though you can always bring that back)

    iOS 7

    I am still fairly new to the iOS world, so I am still on the journey of discovering things. Thanks again to Globe Tattoo for giving me this iPad Mini!

    my first glimpse of the iOS universe

    I am vaguely familiar with the OS because I just tend to borrow my colleagues’ ipods or iphones from time to time. To actually regulary use it is a new experience. I must say that iOS is so choosy because everything has to go through the iTunes app so I had no choice but to download it.

    This gadget will serve mainly as an ebook reader so I am transferring all of my files to it, which consists of 554 books!!!

    There you go~

    I’m not really into games but I would love to see what’s in the app store one of these days. For now, I would be busy reading these titles! Oh where should I start?

    Anyway this is just the beginning as I start to use these gadgets with the new softwares. Busy days ahead!

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