Seoul Trip 2015: Day 4 ~ Grill5taco in Gangnam [★]

We had a fantastic time at the KBS Exhibit Hall in Yeouido. All the way from there, we moved on to our next place in our itinerary which is Donghae’s Grill5taco in Gangnam!

This is one of our major stops in Gangnam. Both me and my sister are huge fans of Super Junior’s Donghae and Gangnam’s Grill5taco is his franchise. He and his brother usually visit the restaurant together with other Suju members.

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Im so hungry!! with my Bro !!

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There were only a few customers when we visited the restaurant. It was obvious that most of us there were Suju fangirls. xD

Our (large) order! 

My sister ordered some of their bestsellers. The one at the middle, short-rib tacos, is actually Donghae’s favorite off their menu.

We apparently ordered A LOT! We had to eat there for almost two hours because we were trying to finish them all (and also we were taking our time, hoping to get to see any of the Suju members! (`ー´)). Too bad no one came, not even Donghae’s brother (T_T). And so we were so full already we had to take out the kimchi quesadilla. 
As we were heading out, we saw two excited-looking girls approaching the restaurant. Aaah, another set of Donghae fans!
The food was actually good! The quesadilla is one of best-tasting food I have tried in my whole stay in Korea, and 5/5 I will return and order it again, not necessarily in Donghae’s branch, but in any Grill5 restaurant. Donghae sure has a good taste (pun intended!) in selecting this franchise. (。^_・)

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