Concert Diaries: Maroon 5 Live in Manila! #Maroon5VTourManila [★]

Yes, I went yet again to another concert! This is the last one I got for this year (unless someone huge comes to the country) and what better way to wrap this concert quarter than spending it with none other than the legend Maroon 5!

I believe this was the most awaited concert of the year here in the country. The show was almost sold out just within two days from the release day of the concert tickets, The quest for tickets was insane! The stars aligned for us because we were able to get Row A tickets… at the Gen Ad section (xD again this is only what we could afford). The organizer even opened limited-view sections, and guess what, it was still fully-packed during the concert! That’s how hot Maroon 5 is here in the country!

Concert day. I was an early bird again at the venue. At around 4:30PM, I was already walking my way to the arena. The show did not start until 8PM, but I was there to check out the official concert merchandise on sale there. I was able to get a Maroon 5 VTour shirt!

Check out my Instagram for more fancams of the Maroon 5 concert!

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