Music Photography Workshop (Day 2): Hands-on Shooting [★]

Day two of the workshop involved hands-on experience of shooting a concert, and the training ground for me was Threadfest Manila, which was held at B-Side in Makati.

It was a nice coincidence because me and my officemates went to that place just the previous week. On the event day, I had no idea with regards to the venue (I just instructed my Uber driver to go to the location on the map). But upon arriving, I immediately recognized the place!

This photo above is one of my favorites from the Cables & Space set. It’s just oozing with the Bob-Marley-ish vibe.

Kris was also doing work and shooting the other bands, but she checks on me from time to time.

The tech people were kind enough to let me stand on their chairs at the side of the stage. I was not able to go to the pit area during Typecast’s set, so I had to find another good place to shoot.

Halloo there tech pips!

One photographer also went up the chairs with me. He was cute actually, too bad I was not able to get his name ahahaha.

Typecast during Threadfest Manila
More photos of the event on my 
I was not able to stay for a bit longer so I was not able to catch the other bands like Urbandub. 😦 But what an experience! This is my first time to shoot for a local event as an “official” photographer (yes it’s legit, I have an ID lol). I was quite satisfied with how the photos turned out. This is also my first time to use the DSLR to shoot for a music event. I got to appreciate the wonders of shooting in RAW and of using Lightroom for post-editing. 
I hope this is not the last time I would officially shoot for an event. If you need a photographer for a music event, please contact me! \(^▽^*)

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