Piano Cover: All of Me (John Legend) [♬ ~ #22] – COMPLETED!

I’ve been learning various pieces on the piano. I love learning songs that I personally like. However, I realized that most of the songs that I know how to play are not widely recognizable. If someone is to request for me to play anything on the piano, I guess my go-to piece would be the classical Canon in D. Who among you knows Nils Frahm’s Ambre, Joe Hisaishi’s Summer or maybe these KPOP tracks by Tiffany and by CNBLUE? This is why this time, I am choosing a piece that is known to most listeners, a song that everyone can sing along to. 😀

I am still learning this piece. Below would contain my recordings as I learn the different parts of the song for the next several weeks:

First pass: first verse until partial of chorus:

By the way, I am using a new recording method for this track. I bought this USB Audio Guitar Link Interface from Lazada. 😀

[20-July-2016] – Update
Second pass: first pre-chorus until second chorus (tempo = 125)

[04-Sep-2016] Update
At last, I was able the study the whole piece up to the end!

Presenting the whole piece, featuring the vocals of no other than John Legend himself! 😀 Credits to this youtube vid where I got the edited vocals of this song.

So it took me around 3 months to study the whole piece, huh?

Yay I’m so happy! This is the first piece of a famous pop song that I’ve learned in full! 😀

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