CA Trip 2015: My 2nd Business Trip [β˜…]

I am way behind my travel posts, so this is me trying to catch up! πŸ˜–


[October 2015]

I thought travelling to California is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me. Well it turns out I get to do it twice! Just a year after my initial trip, I got to visit again our office’s headquarters unit for our annual all hands meeting!

My US Trip 2015 in a nutshell: went pig eating (as usual), jogged around the hotel, did touristy things – visited Sutro Baths and San Fransisco Bridge!
Compared to the last trip, this one is a few days shorter because I didn’t plan a side trip (because our team had another trip to Cagayan de Oro the week after). Good thing we still had time to go around and tour during our first weekend there, so we were still able to enjoy our time!

I hope my memories still serve me right (this is why I should have blogged about this right away πŸ˜‘). I will try my best to recall all the stuff that happened during this trip! Stay tuned for the next posts! ✌

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