Q1 2019 Goals Evaluation

In case you don’t know what this is, the genesis of this blog circled around this idea. For the past 7 years of writing on this online haven, I am proud to say that there are goals that have been accomplishedit might not be all of them – but still, that is way better than none.

On the advent of my blog’s move to a new home, I want to focus even more on where it all started, and do things seriously this time. And so, let’s review and evaluate the goals that I have set for myself for January – March 2019.

Main Goals (Needs)

 get visa and finalize preparations for my adventure!

Yes, I have finally achieved this! I guess I’m ready to tell this to the world – I am going to Tokyo in the next few days (you heard it here first 😂)! This is my first time to do a lone adventure so Universe, I’ll need all your guidance. I am still in the process of packing and preparing stuff. I’m very looking forward for this trip!

   complete intermittent fasting (16:8) for a month (NEXT STEP: Re-attempt)

I failed on this one. 😅 The longest I had it going was 7 days. I am currently doing it again (on my 9th day!) but since there is a trip coming, I won’t be able to keep this up. So I guess I’ll need to roll this over to the next quarter.

  start learning the language

This is related to the upcoming trip. Although I only know the basics (as in like “hello”, “sorry”, “excuse me”, “thank you”, “where is the toilet”, and “i cannot understand Japanese”), I guess it’s good enough for me to survive the language barrier.

Minor Goals (Wants)

finish course on music theory – next quarter
finish that book – next quarter
consume all that green powder from the weightloss program – next quarter
record one song – park
publish an article for KPOPChannelTV – next quarter

LOL I get zero credits on this part. There are some that I need to redo next quarter, and some I’m deciding to park for now.

I still have not worked on my new set of goals for next quarter. I guess I’ll be able to think more about that after my trip. 🙂

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