Clow Cards: A Reading

During my Tokyo trip, I purchased a Clow Card set based on the anime Cardcaptor Sakura. I was obsessed with this anime when I was in elementary. The anime series had a comeback last year, and I am glad to say that I am still into it. 🙂

It has always been my childhood dream to own a Clow Cards set. I guess I would just discuss this topic in more detail in another post. For this one, I am focusing on the discovery of another purpose for the Clow Cards — using them for reading, like Tarot cards. Buying these cards, I didn’t know they can be used just like Tarot cards, if you want to seek guidance on a problem that you are currently facing. Well I really don’t want to rely on them 100% (of course your destiny relies on your decisions), but I’m planning to use and read these cards the way I would look at my monthly horoscope.

So, I want to share with you the reading I got on a particular question I had in mind today. This is the second time I used the Clow Cards to do some reading for my circumstance. By the way, I used this website as reference on the method in using the Clow Cards for reading.

I am sure this one person who would read this post would know what I asked from the cards. Here’s what the deck of cards gave to me, with my own interpretation for each.

Problem: The Storm

There’s still awkwardness between us, and I guess at this stage it’s unevitable.

The Cause: The Dark

We know nothing about each other.

Past Problem(s): The Maze

We didn’t really had the chance to interact with each other, work or non-work related.

Surrounding Circumstances: The Time

We’ve known each other (by face and name) for years.

Solution: The Change

Well, something has to change – a change of heart, specifically.

Solution’s Keyword: The Thunder

We should feel “a spark.”

Obstacle: The Libra

Someone I know in real life had asked me of the possibility. I told him that honestly, I would not be comfortable because I don’t see him as my equal, and someone that would complement my personality.

Future: The Snow

We’ll remain cold-hearted (or have cold shoulders for each other) as before.

Outcome: The Shot

Someone will get hurt.

How Others See the Problem: The Dash

We are just being forced for each other.

This reading really entertained me. 😄 I still stand on what I said though. I was just being nice because of a friendship that I currently really treasure. Now that the motive has been exposed, little by little, I will let go. There are still parts of me that need major repairing. Some of my inner demons are still with me (although I have already killed most of them). So until I have confronted all of them, I won’t be ready for anything.

But yeah, baby steps. One step at a time. I will get there eventually.

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