Q2 2019 Goals Evaluation

Just like that, we are already half-way of 2019! We are now entering the third quarter! Before I set out my new goals for the new quarter (I am very excited on this because I have a new format!), here’s an evaluation on how I have done on the goals that I have set for Q2:

For reference: Q2 2019 Goals Setting & Steps

Main Goals (Needs)

🏆 complete intermittent fasting (16:8) for a month

This is a 100% completed goal! I am more than prouder of myself as I was able to be consistent with this habit. I knew I had to be a bit lenient during times that I needed to socialize (because what’s the best way to bond — over meals!). IF alone, I have lost 4 pounds. Logging my fasting times on the Life Fasting Tracker app has already been part of my daily habit and I will continue that until I reach my target weight.

Next steps: I will be incorporating exercise to the routine!

🏆 cook recipes for diabetics

If you look back at the tracker table on my goal setting and steps page, I was able to do this 8 out of the 12 weeks. Thus, I’m considering this as an accomplished goal. Although I wasn’t really able to cook all of the recipes that I have researched online, I was able to cook at home as needed. I couldn’t cook much during the weekdays though, but I was able to do so most of the weekends.

Next steps: Continue exploring new recipes and plan to buy the ingredients at the wet market every weekend.

🛑 take that test

I am parking this one for now. There were a lot of things that happened recently that made me realize that I wanted to stay. There are pros and cons for every decision that we make in life and for my case, the pros of that other decision outweighed the pros of the other one. However I know at the back of my mind, I still wanted to give it at try… and I think I can find a work-around wherein I will be able to get the best out of the two options I’m pondering on. I’m on a race against time though.

Minor Goals (Wants)

🛑 finish course on music theory

This is another goal I am parking. I am not actually totally abandoning it — I will just be doing a different approach on it. I just realized that I’m not really into the technical side of creating music (for now, although I know it would greatly benefit me in the long run). I am already in progress with this new approach and I am enjoying it so far! The fruits of this (if I successfully complete them) will surely be posted on the blog. 😉

🏆 finish that book


🏃‍♀️ consume all that green powder from the weightloss program

This is still in progress because realistically, I couldn’t really finish all of it within the last three months. I was always mindful to have it as my breakfast during weekends, so good job, self! Just keep this going. 👏

🏃‍♀️ publish an article for that online site

Although I have already finished the material where I will base this article on, I still have not completed this task. Admittedly, it was because it was never in my priority list (having no time will never be an excuse). Err so yeah, I need to put that out as soon as possible… like this weekend at the latest. *wooh pressure! 😬*

🏃‍♀️ finish writing Korea / Taiwan / Japan travel posts

I would like to commend myself on how dedicated I am in making my Japan posts as detailed as possible. *pats myself on the back* My ultimate goal for all of these efforts is to preserve those precious memories as alive as possible for my future self (which is also the whole point of this blog anyway). These posts would serve as reminder for myself that the Universe has been good to me (hopefully this site is still up in the years to come 😅) and I shouldn’t be that sad (although sometimes I couldn’t control it). I still have a number of posts pending to be documented on the blog (as far back as 2016 😣). But yeah, I’ll get to that sooner or later (just needed to get all the Tokyo posts out).

Yay, thank you Universe for this quarter! I am excited to plot my next goals!
Keep your eyes on the prize!

🏆 Finished
🏃‍♀️ Still in Progress
🛑 Aborted

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