Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Lunch at Suke6 Diner

Navigating through Google Maps around Tokyo was such a flawless task. It felt like I was just actually in a treasure hunting game. This was the feeling while searching for this restaurant that I researched via Yelp called Suke6 Diner, which had high ratings on the site. Since I was just one customer, I just… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Lunch at Suke6 Diner

Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Morning Stroll at Sumida Park

After my visit at the Sensoji Temple, my next item on my itinerary was to go visit Sumida Park where the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival was to be held. The park was also at the Asakusa area and was just a short walk from the shrine.With the ever dependable Google Maps on… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Morning Stroll at Sumida Park

Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Sensoji Temple

For this trip, I brought with me my iPad (the one that I luckily won during one media event) and bluetooth keyboard. I have just recently discovered working and writing on the blog via this setup and I thought it was perfectly timed for this trip. I realized that really, writing is my method of… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Sensoji Temple

Solo in Tokyo: The Journey

And this is how it starts… The day of my most awaited trip finally came. I saw the countdown timer app on my phone displaying The Day. Yes, this is finally happening. The Preparation I only slept for less than 3 hours but I felt like I had a full night's sleep that morning. The… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo: The Journey

Solo in Tokyo: An Introduction

I just landed yesterday from a nine-day soul searching trip in Tokyo, Japan. I have booked and planned for this trip since June of the previous year and honestly the planning stage was a bit stressful for me. This was my first ever solo trip in a city that I will be visiting for the… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo: An Introduction

Q2 2019 Goals Setting & Steps

Weekly checkpoint: every Friday night Main Goals (Needs) complete intermittent fasting (16:8) for a month track everyday via the Life Fasting Tracker apprecord scale measurement every week cook recipes for diabetics search the web for diabetic-friendly pinoy recipeslist down ingredientsgo to wet market to buy ingredientscook Sunday - Wednesday afternoons (for packed lunch too!) take… Continue reading Q2 2019 Goals Setting & Steps

Learning to Say No

In life, there would be instances that you will be put in an awkward situation that you'll need to learn how to say what you really want to say. Although you feel for the person, it would always be fact of life that every one of us puts their own pack first before everything else.… Continue reading Learning to Say No

Hello WordPress!

You might have not noticed the change, but for my regular blog readers (Hey are you there? Say hi at the comments section LOL) for sure they have seen some changes on the layout of this blog since the last time they visited it. Well they are right, a lot of things have been brewing… Continue reading Hello WordPress!