Impact Analysis in Software Development

If you've been working in the software development field for years (like me), for sure you have done some kind of impact analysis at least once among the projects that you have worked on. Maybe you were not just aware but actually what you were doing is a form of impact analysis. How do you… Continue reading Impact Analysis in Software Development

Pigging Out and Shopping in Gilroy [★ ~ CA Travel #2]

So I read this article on Lifehacker about a new software released by Microsoft called 'Sway'. They believe this would replace Powerpoint in the future, so I was curious about this new software. I tried it out, and this is where I wrote my entry on my second day in California. :D is still on… Continue reading Pigging Out and Shopping in Gilroy [★ ~ CA Travel #2]

Cool Websites: PlayYourMusic and EdX [★]

Attention all geeks out there and those people who miss going to school (yes there are people like that, I am one of them... or am I alone? xD) and want to enrich their knowledge about the world. Good news, through the power of internet, there are organizations out there that offer online courses FOR… Continue reading Cool Websites: PlayYourMusic and EdX [★]

Handy Eclipse IDE Keyboard Shortcuts [✏]

I have been coding in Java since college, and I have been using Eclipse IDE since I started working. I don't know why I did not start using this when I was studying though (I was only using Notepad++ back then) because it is a very powerful tool for developing not just Java but also… Continue reading Handy Eclipse IDE Keyboard Shortcuts [✏]

Cool Websites: Marc and Angel Hack Life – Practical Tips for Practical Living [★]

There would be points in our life that we would be needing some kind of inspiration. It could come from people, videos, or music. Also these badly needed doses of words of wisdom could come from the things you read.One great website that I got to discover through a friend, who has a very positive… Continue reading Cool Websites: Marc and Angel Hack Life – Practical Tips for Practical Living [★]

Rooting HTC Wildfire S = FAIL :( [✏]

I am just venting out my frustration over my (MULTIPLE) attempts to root my Wildfire S. There are lots and lots of tutorials online for this, but so far I am stucked with the step of setting the phone to S-Off, which would allow further modifications in the ROM of the device. Unfortunately, there are… Continue reading Rooting HTC Wildfire S = FAIL 😦 [✏]

Getting Started [☉ ~ #1]

Android phones are one of the latest trends in the mobile industry today. As a programmer, it really appealed to me that the Android OS is an open source software and that anyone can develop applications with it.My undergrad thesis involved mobile devices and maybe that influenced my interest in mobile applications. I'm really excited to… Continue reading Getting Started [☉ ~ #1]