Jesse McCartney: Live in Manila

Jesse McCartney. No, he's not related to the Beatles. If you don't know who is but you know who Justin Bieber is, get out. I don't want to talk to you. 😜 Well seriously, if you don't know who he is, then I'll say you're young. We'll he's just one of the boy-next-door crush of… Continue reading Jesse McCartney: Live in Manila

A TVXQ! Concert in Manila (Finally!!!)

Sometimes dreams can span years before being materialized. You'll just have to always keep the faith. And yes, it is finally happening. In two month's time, TVXQ! will be holding their first ever concert here in Manila, and we can't be happier that Pulp Live World will be handling this event. Happee Sy is… Continue reading A TVXQ! Concert in Manila (Finally!!!)

Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical: A Dark but Honest Tale about Friendship & More

Eraserheads will always be one of the most beloved 90's band by Filipinos. There are a lot of songs that I like from them like Pare Ko, With A Smile, Minsan, and Spolarium. One of their most popular songs is the one entitled Ang Huling El Bimbo. It's a ballad about young love which unfortunately had… Continue reading Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical: A Dark but Honest Tale about Friendship & More

Photography Workshop with Magic Liwanag

Being a concert photographer has always been one of the things that I wanted to do, and I am actually lucky enough to have fulfilled that in my own way through the concerts that I was able to attend to. In any field that you are passionate about, for sure you have someone you look… Continue reading Photography Workshop with Magic Liwanag

Karpos Live 3.1: A Night of Music with Urbandub & The Royal Concept

This is hands down one of those concerts that would stand out forever in my memory because of a lot of factors. This might also be the concert that will cap off my live concerts adventure (or will it?)I know I have been to a lot of concerts already, but this is one of those concerts… Continue reading Karpos Live 3.1: A Night of Music with Urbandub & The Royal Concept

My First Ever Match-Making Event

I have done something for the first time today: attend a match-making event. I tend to feel intimidated and scared to attend any event of this nature, but what made me consider going to this one is the fact that I have connections with one of the organizers of the event. It happened that I… Continue reading My First Ever Match-Making Event

Rocking Out with Paramore! Live in Manila

Who among you have not gone into that awkward emo phase of your teenage years and had Paramore as the soundtrack of your life (blasting inside your room?) Well for most 90s kids I bet they did. No wonder it was such a blast from the past when Paramore went back to the country again… Continue reading Rocking Out with Paramore! Live in Manila

GMA Playlist Act 3: A Thanksgiving Jamming Session

GMA Playlist Act - the network's online portal for showcasing upcoming and emerging musical talents has celebrated its third year on July 17. Since the start of this project, their Youtube Channel has now garnered almost 12 million views. To celebrate these milestones, GMA hosted a Thankgiving Jamming Session featuring trending artists in the local… Continue reading GMA Playlist Act 3: A Thanksgiving Jamming Session

Walk The Moon Live at Market! Market!

I thought I'll never feel this way again.... falling in love with a band at first sight.Walk The Moon returned to Manila to perform in a one-night-only show, c/o MMILIVE. The last time the band was in the country was in 2015, wherein they did a series of performances across Ayala Malls. I still didn't… Continue reading Walk The Moon Live at Market! Market!

Getting Close and Personal with OPM Artists #GMAPlaylistAct3

Last week, I was given this unique opportunity to attend a GMA Network event entitled GMA Network Playlist Act 3: A Thanksgiving Jamming Session. It is the network's avenue to present fresh and trending artists in the music scene. It was my first time to do so, and honestly it was intimidating at first. However since… Continue reading Getting Close and Personal with OPM Artists #GMAPlaylistAct3