Shawarm Buddies: Shawarma & Kebab (Best-tasting in Town!)

I just want to rave about this restaurant all because the food is just so good. I love shawarma, and theirs is the best one I've tasted so far. 😋 Last month, I finally had a chance to visit my colleague's restaurant which she and her husband kickstarted from scratch -- all from the menu… Continue reading Shawarm Buddies: Shawarma & Kebab (Best-tasting in Town!)

Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Lunch at Suke6 Diner

Navigating through Google Maps around Tokyo was such a flawless task. It felt like I was just actually in a treasure hunting game. This was the feeling while searching for this restaurant that I researched via Yelp called Suke6 Diner, which had high ratings on the site. Since I was just one customer, I just… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Lunch at Suke6 Diner

Booky: Great Food + Huge Savings!

Who doesn't love good food? I bet everyone does. Now, who wants to get good food and save some money at the same time? I think it's still the same answer - everyone! I guess these two factors: getting great food and saving up  - are the reason this app is such a huge hit… Continue reading Booky: Great Food + Huge Savings!

Le Sucré Lab’s Chocolate Dream Cake

You might have heard of it. You might have seen this on your Instagram Feed. Yes, there's a craze happening in town. It's a buzz created by this chocolate cake that people vows to be the best one around.Or is it?Presenting Le Sucré Lab's Chocolate Dream Cake!If you are out of the loop, this highly crazed… Continue reading Le Sucré Lab’s Chocolate Dream Cake

Taipei 2017: Day 4 ~ Cherry Duck Experience at Red Lantern Restaurant

This day is one the highlights of our Taiwan visit, because I knew well that this was a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience! So for our fourth day in Taiwan, our main activity was to eat the cherry duck cuisine of Red Lantern restaurant in Yilan. This restaurant is famous in Taiwan for its duck dishes. We had to… Continue reading Taipei 2017: Day 4 ~ Cherry Duck Experience at Red Lantern Restaurant

Taipei 2017: Day 3 ~ Exploring Northern Taiwan

This is the only day in our trip wherein we have a preset itinerary - all because we are joining the KKDay bus tour! (disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, so this serves also as a review of their services). We purchased the Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen, Yehliu and Shifen because the package already… Continue reading Taipei 2017: Day 3 ~ Exploring Northern Taiwan

Taipei 2017: Day 1 ~ The Day We Ate Too Much

The idea of doing this trip started with that usual conversation among colleagues -- "Hey let's go to Taiwan!" We always bursted this idea out over lunch and whenever we had idle time at the office. The trip actually came to life when our friend saw a seat sale and we finally placed our booking!… Continue reading Taipei 2017: Day 1 ~ The Day We Ate Too Much

Taipei 2017: An Introduction

I know I have been catching up with all the travel posts that I need to get out there, and here comes yet again another travelling chapter! Of course I am no way complaining, because travelling is life (and I am sooooo lucky I have this opportunity to go to places outside the country for… Continue reading Taipei 2017: An Introduction

Ludo: A Boardgamer’s Haven

After doing several visits at another boardgame place, me and my friends decided to try other places for a change of scenery. I've been hearing Ludo for quite sometime, and finally one weekend, we were finally able to visit the place!We visited the branch at Jupiter, Makati. The first thing I noticed is the huge… Continue reading Ludo: A Boardgamer’s Haven

Overnight Oats [♨ ~ #10]

I almost forgot about one of my original goals in the blog - to learn how to cook. Although for the past year things have improved, I was just not able to document them properly in the blog. Here's an attempt to continue this aspiration which I think would really be beneficial for me and… Continue reading Overnight Oats [♨ ~ #10]