Q2 2019 Goals Setting & Steps

Weekly checkpoint: every Friday night Main Goals (Needs) complete intermittent fasting (16:8) for a month track everyday via the Life Fasting Tracker apprecord scale measurement every week cook recipes for diabetics search the web for diabetic-friendly pinoy recipeslist down ingredientsgo to wet market to buy ingredientscook Sunday - Wednesday afternoons (for packed lunch too!) take… Continue reading Q2 2019 Goals Setting & Steps

Hello WordPress!

You might have not noticed the change, but for my regular blog readers (Hey are you there? Say hi at the comments section LOL) for sure they have seen some changes on the layout of this blog since the last time they visited it. Well they are right, a lot of things have been brewing… Continue reading Hello WordPress!

Jam and Chords [♬ ~ #25]

It's been a long while since I joined /r/piano's monthly piano jam, and fortunately for this month I had the time (and motivation lol) to finish learning this very simple piece. This piece is actually the easiest one in this month's list. There was another one that I wanted to learn, but I think I… Continue reading Jam and Chords [♬ ~ #25]


During the first week of January, I signed up to be part of Arriane Serafico's online class entitled "Braver 2018." Together with 1000+ like-minded individuals who wanted to step up on their goal-setting game this year, we went through a series of exercises for 5 days to reflect more on our goals this year and… Continue reading #Braver2018

CBTL Giving Journal 2018

Recently I got hooked with maintaining a bullet journal (which I discovered via Reddit as always 😀). Suddenly the idea of getting planners from those coffee shops became interesting.And so the goal of completing that sticker book began. I chose to get The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf planner because* I love their green tea latte (now falling… Continue reading CBTL Giving Journal 2018

Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]

안녕하세요! It's Hangeul learning time again! I am really getting serious into learning Korean (which I should have actually started a long time ago when I was still really addicted to KPOP/KDramas). Well I am proud of myself that I am doing great progress with this goal, which is actually part of my original goals… Continue reading Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]

Overnight Oats [♨ ~ #10]

I almost forgot about one of my original goals in the blog - to learn how to cook. Although for the past year things have improved, I was just not able to document them properly in the blog. Here's an attempt to continue this aspiration which I think would really be beneficial for me and… Continue reading Overnight Oats [♨ ~ #10]

My Hair Color Escapades

Ever since (temporarily) dyeing my hair blue for a costume for last year's Christmas party, I fantasized of actually coloring my hair (the effect of KPOP is starting to come out 😜). Bleaching my hair never came to my mind before, but because I had friends who were willing to try this for the first… Continue reading My Hair Color Escapades

How I Learned to Swim & Bike In Just 2 Weeks

For most of my life, I didn't know to swim and bike. I know these are life skills, I just didn't have a chance to learn them when I was younger. Our family seldom go out-of-town or to our provinces so I had minimal exposure to the beaches and the waters. As for biking, our… Continue reading How I Learned to Swim & Bike In Just 2 Weeks