Q2 2019 Goals Setting & Steps

Weekly checkpoint: every Friday night Main Goals (Needs) complete intermittent fasting (16:8) for a month track everyday via the Life Fasting Tracker apprecord scale measurement every week cook recipes for diabetics search the web for diabetic-friendly pinoy recipeslist down ingredientsgo to wet market to buy ingredientscook Sunday - Wednesday afternoons (for packed lunch too!) take… Continue reading Q2 2019 Goals Setting & Steps

CBTL Giving Journal 2018

Recently I got hooked with maintaining a bullet journal (which I discovered via Reddit as always 😀). Suddenly the idea of getting planners from those coffee shops became interesting.And so the goal of completing that sticker book began. I chose to get The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf planner because* I love their green tea latte (now falling… Continue reading CBTL Giving Journal 2018

Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]

안녕하세요! It's Hangeul learning time again! I am really getting serious into learning Korean (which I should have actually started a long time ago when I was still really addicted to KPOP/KDramas). Well I am proud of myself that I am doing great progress with this goal, which is actually part of my original goals… Continue reading Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]