Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]

안녕하세요! It's Hangeul learning time again! I am really getting serious into learning Korean (which I should have actually started a long time ago when I was still really addicted to KPOP/KDramas). Well I am proud of myself that I am doing great progress with this goal, which is actually part of my original goals… Continue reading Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]

Hangeul Study /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #5]

안녕하세요! 저는 가트예요. 필리핀 사람이에요. 회사원이에요.만나서 판가워요!Hello! My name is Kath. I am Filipino. I am an employee. Nice to meet you!당신은 내 블로그를 읽고 있어요. 감사합니다! :)You are reading my blog. Thank you!벌써 두 번 한국에 갔어요. 정말 재미있었어요.!! 또 하고싶어요.I've already went to Korea twice. It was really fun! I want to do… Continue reading Hangeul Study /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #5]

Seoul Trip 2015: Day 5 ~ Last-Minute Stops and Shopping! [★]

This was our last day in Seoul. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 The past four days passed by so fast. We yearned for a year to finally land in Seoul, and now, it's time to leave.Our flight home is still in the early evening, and so we still had time to do all our last-minute stuff. We went to Myeongdong… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2015: Day 5 ~ Last-Minute Stops and Shopping! [★]

Sound Bites: JYJ – So So [☯ ~#4]

In August of this year, JYJ (the Korean group that I have been loving since the beginning of time,) released their album Just Us in Korea which contained 13 tracks. One of the songs that I really liked in the album is the song entitled So So. So SoJYJHangul lyrics[literal meaning of words]English translation변해버렸던 First day 익숙함에… Continue reading Sound Bites: JYJ – So So [☯ ~#4]

The 23rd Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival Celebration [★]

It's a known fact today that the Korean culture has become more and more popular in the country, especially to the youth. This progress has brought forth more opportunities to have more cultural exchange between the two countries.As part of the appreciation of this exchange of culture, the 23rd Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival was celebrated last… Continue reading The 23rd Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival Celebration [★]

My Korean Vocabulary [☯ ~ #3]

I have been exposed to the Korean language for years now through watching kdramas and listening to kpop. Because it's quite some time already, my ears have began to catch some familiar words/phrases from the lines of the actors and singers.As part of my goal in learning Hangul (especially now that my trip has been… Continue reading My Korean Vocabulary [☯ ~ #3]

Cool Websites: – Integrated Korean Beginning 1 [☯ ~ #2]

Another leap towards this goal!So I am still here on the process of self-learning reading hangul. Actually there are lots of websites out there that teach different languages for you to acquire and learn, and one of them that I've found is Memrise.I have learned this site through Lifehacker (as always!) and I am on… Continue reading Cool Websites: – Integrated Korean Beginning 1 [☯ ~ #2]

Sound Bites: Ailee – Love on Top (Cover) [☝]

It's been one of those days wherein I just stayed at home for so long that I got bored and just surfed the internet for random stuff. While I was doing that, I was also listening to my player with the playlist on random. That's when I got to learn Ailee.I heard a song from… Continue reading Sound Bites: Ailee – Love on Top (Cover) [☝]

Sound Bites: Lee Hi (이하이) – Dream [☝]

Hi guys! This is a new section I'm making on the blog. Whenever I find the inspiration, I will post certain songs that have touched my heart. There have been lots of songs that have done this to me, and I just wanted to document them all here. Maybe we share the same emotions for… Continue reading Sound Bites: Lee Hi (이하이) – Dream [☝]

Hangul 101: Reading the Symbols [☯ ~ #1]

This is my first step in learning Hangul (at least for this blog) since I cancelled the previous language that I wanted to learn. ---I've stated in my previous posts that I'm into kpop. I listen to songs and (try to) sing along with some of them. Even if I don't really understand most of… Continue reading Hangul 101: Reading the Symbols [☯ ~ #1]