Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Samcheongdong Road & Bukchon Hanok Village

After going to Gyeongbokgung to do some nifty photoshoots, we walked to the direction (where Google Maps pointed us) to reach the infamous Bukchon Hanok Village. Again, this is not my first time to do this because me and my sister attempted to go there during my first trip in Seoul. I say attempted, because well we… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Samcheongdong Road & Bukchon Hanok Village

Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Gyeongbokgung Photoshoot

Heh I know I'm two years late with this post, but better late than never! 😊And so the story of my visit to Gyeongbok Palace begins here. It was not my first time to go here actually, although the experience this time around is a bit more interesting because I am wearing a hanbok, South Korea's… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Gyeongbokgung Photoshoot

Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Hanbok Rental at OnedayHanbok

Hanbok Rental in Korea is immensely popular among tourists. It's a cultural experience that any tourist should try! It's an exhilarating feeling to see yourself dressed in a very unique costume. 💗There are establishments that allow hanbok fitting wherein you choose one that you'd like and then take a photo in a studio as remembrance.… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Hanbok Rental at OnedayHanbok

Seoul Trip 2016: Day 2 ~ Hangang Park & Myeongdong

After our leisurely walk in Seoul Forest, I nudged my friends to stop by Hangang park, for an ultimate mission: to bike along the Hangang river!Biking Attempt along Han RiverI did a lot of research about bike trails with rentals in Seoul, and this one is one of the nicest spots. It was already sunset… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2016: Day 2 ~ Hangang Park & Myeongdong

New Lasema: Bigger & Better Jjimjilbang Experience!

I've been a fan of Lasema for years. Since my first visit in 2012, I've fallen in love with this spa because it really provides its customers the authentic jjimjilbang /찜질방/ (Korean bathhouse) experience! I've went several times since then and I enjoyed every single visit!I heard the news that Lasema would do a relocation so… Continue reading New Lasema: Bigger & Better Jjimjilbang Experience!

Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]

안녕하세요! It's Hangeul learning time again! I am really getting serious into learning Korean (which I should have actually started a long time ago when I was still really addicted to KPOP/KDramas). Well I am proud of myself that I am doing great progress with this goal, which is actually part of my original goals… Continue reading Sentence Drills /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #6]

Hangeul Study /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #5]

안녕하세요! 저는 가트예요. 필리핀 사람이에요. 회사원이에요.만나서 판가워요!Hello! My name is Kath. I am Filipino. I am an employee. Nice to meet you!당신은 내 블로그를 읽고 있어요. 감사합니다! :)You are reading my blog. Thank you!벌써 두 번 한국에 갔어요. 정말 재미있었어요.!! 또 하고싶어요.I've already went to Korea twice. It was really fun! I want to do… Continue reading Hangeul Study /한글 공부/ [☯ ~ #5]

Seoul Trip 2016: Day 2 ~ Seoul Forest

Day 2 of our Seoul Autumn adventure continues!~Our first destination for that day was Seoul Forest! This nature park, located at Seongdong-gu, Seoul is a great place to just chillax and be closer to nature. It's an extra special experience to go there during the autumn season because the trees are wearing their glorious red, orange, and… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2016: Day 2 ~ Seoul Forest