A TVXQ! Concert in Manila (Finally!!!)

Sometimes dreams can span years before being materialized. You'll just have to always keep the faith. And yes, it is finally happening. In two month's time, TVXQ! will be holding their first ever concert here in Manila, and we can't be happier that Pulp Live World will be handling this event. https://www.facebook.com/pulpliveworldprod/posts/2384577511573305 Happee Sy is… Continue reading A TVXQ! Concert in Manila (Finally!!!)

Jaejoong Live (At Last) in Manila

Dreams do come true, always keep the faith.CAUTIONcontains uncontrolled spazzing of 8 years worth of fangirling dreams that came true that nightUntil now, days after these all happened, I am still feeling incomprehensible emotions. Did it really happen? Was I not dreaming? Did I really see Kim Jaejoong live? It still hasn't really sank in, but the… Continue reading Jaejoong Live (At Last) in Manila

Exo Planet #3: Exo’rdium in Manila

Love is sweeter the second time around.My sister and I used to joke around about EXO. As KPOP fans who got attached to the music of the second-generation idols (i.e. TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang), there was a stage in our fangirling life that we didn't like the newer and younger groups that overtook the… Continue reading Exo Planet #3: Exo’rdium in Manila

ShowBT Night 2016: Leaping High!

[December 2016]Seeing Offroad and Narra perform during KPOPCon8 was such a joy, that's why I was honored when we got invited to watch them again perform, this time for ShowBT Night which was held at Samsung Hall in SM Aura. It was my first time to watch a show at that venue so I was twice… Continue reading ShowBT Night 2016: Leaping High!

KPOPCon8: Keeping The K-Passion Alive! [★]

[December 2016] I cannot believe the KPOP Convention in the Philippines is already in its 8th year! Time really flies fast!I've been to the KPOP Convention several times in the past, but this was my first time to attend as part of the media! This is all thanks to the opportunities given to me by KpopChannelTV!… Continue reading KPOPCon8: Keeping The K-Passion Alive! [★]

MAMA 2016 Livestreaming Party c/o Tribe PH [★]

I am always grateful whenever I have opportunities to go to media events as a blogger. It happens that some of them are KPOP-related, like this one. Hmmm how did those people know that I like KPOP? 😜When I first saw the email for this invite, I had a minute heart attack. For a few… Continue reading MAMA 2016 Livestreaming Party c/o Tribe PH [★]

EXO PLANET #2: The EXO’LUXION Live in Manila! [★]

I have known EXO since their debut (and I've seen some of the members even before debut, i.e. in TVXQ's Hahaha promotional video). They are one of the artists under SM Entertainment, and I know most of the artists from there because that's where my KPOP addiction started. However I never fangirled on them because they were… Continue reading EXO PLANET #2: The EXO’LUXION Live in Manila! [★]

Big Bang [MADE] Tour in Manila! [★]

When you're having too much fun, everything's a blur.That's exactly what happened to me during the Big Bang concert. It was just until a few hours later that I'm absorbing everything that happened in the concert. This is my first time to see Big Bang live. I started to like them when I saw their… Continue reading Big Bang [MADE] Tour in Manila! [★]

‘Orange Marmalade’ Korean Drama: A Review [★]

The drama adaptation of the highly popular Orange Marmalade manhwa has recently concluded airing in Korean channel KBS.*spoilers below!*The 'kiss' on the train that started it all. :DI really loved the manhwa (Korean comics). I discovered it via Webtoon app on Android and instantly got hooked. Yes it's a vampire-human romance kinda story, but the little… Continue reading ‘Orange Marmalade’ Korean Drama: A Review [★]

Seoul Trip 2015: Day 5 ~ Last-Minute Stops and Shopping! [★]

This was our last day in Seoul. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 The past four days passed by so fast. We yearned for a year to finally land in Seoul, and now, it's time to leave.Our flight home is still in the early evening, and so we still had time to do all our last-minute stuff. We went to Myeongdong… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2015: Day 5 ~ Last-Minute Stops and Shopping! [★]