Q3 2019 Goals Evaluation

I think this is one of those quarters where I was so distracted I didn't have time and effort to focus on the blog and on my goals. But I did what I could (best effort!). I even had a week where I didn't have time to even input my evaluation (my mind and body… Continue reading Q3 2019 Goals Evaluation

Book Reads: The Shack (William P. Young)

I first heard of "The Shack" during my vacation at the province during Holy Week this year. One of my cousins was recommending we watch this movie to be aired on local TV. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join them. Fast forward to a few weeks and I was back at work, I randomly mentioned… Continue reading Book Reads: The Shack (William P. Young)

Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): The Unexpected Encounter

This happened in my return to Sumida Park. After my quick stop at the Ushijima Shrine, I began walking back to Sumida park grounds. As I was passing by the park with the pond (and with all the locals doing hanami), this memorable event started to take place. A young woman, around my age, who… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): The Unexpected Encounter

Solo in Tokyo: An Introduction

I just landed yesterday from a nine-day soul searching trip in Tokyo, Japan. I have booked and planned for this trip since June of the previous year and honestly the planning stage was a bit stressful for me. This was my first ever solo trip in a city that I will be visiting for the… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo: An Introduction


I feel a bit down today. I never thought I would be affected by it this way. Maybe it was because of the way I learned of the news, like if I didn't become curious and asked the question, they wouldn't tell me. It's like they really didn't have plans to tell me. Am I… Continue reading Mauerbauertraurigkeit

Goodbyes… Again

Tonight, I said farewell to one of the greatest people that I have met in the workplace. We all had seen this coming (uhm for the last two years?๐Ÿ˜…) and finally all the preparations have been completed and it's time now for her to embark to a whole new journey of her life. Surprisingly, the… Continue reading Goodbyes… Again

Book Reads: The Light Between Worlds (Laura Weymouth)

I have always been enthralled by the Chronicles of Narnia and I'm pretty sure a lot of people are, too. The book series, written by C.S. Lewis, has been one of the most loved children's books in the world (although I would argue that it's target audience is not exclusive). And so after all the… Continue reading Book Reads: The Light Between Worlds (Laura Weymouth)

Life Logs: That Past Two Weeks

Here I am again on a Friday night, alone with my thoughts (minus the wine ๐Ÿท this time!). There were a lot of things that happened recently that significantly moved me emotionally. And so again, I run to this blog to pour out all my thoughts and feelings because I needed to, else these might… Continue reading Life Logs: That Past Two Weeks

The Director’s Speech

I've never been prouder listening to someone make a speech in our workplace, all because all the points that this person has stated during the speech talked about the life lessons that I have learned (and still learning) during all my stay in my current company. Just last week, we had a "woman leadership empowerment"… Continue reading The Director’s Speech

Swim Central’s Open Water Exposure: Batch 9

Conquer your fears, they say. Through this experience, I sure did, and I'm not only talking about my fear of deep waters.And so there I was, awkwardly climbing down the rocks, late to the party.Iย  had to go back to our van coz I forgot to bring my goggles. ๐Ÿ˜‚The Search For the "Treading Skill"I… Continue reading Swim Central’s Open Water Exposure: Batch 9