Solo in Tokyo (Day 5): Arakura Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine

I know I've been saying this for every day of this trip so far, but honestly hands down, this is the highlight! This is the day when I experienced events that I know I will remember for the rest of my life. Writing about it now, everything already feels like a dream... ๐ŸŒธโ„ For my… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 5): Arakura Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine

Solo In Tokyo (Day 4): Wandering Around Akihabara

This might be one of the most spontaneous day I had in Tokyo. From the way I began my day to the places I got to visit to, I just went with the flow and followed where my instincts led me to go. "Woke up early" I was soooo exhausted the previous night that I… Continue reading Solo In Tokyo (Day 4): Wandering Around Akihabara

Solo in Tokyo (Day 3): Meiji Shrine

As the days of this dream sequence (a phrase I have fondly used to refer to this trip) are passing by, I was learning more and more about myself. This is the first time I have been alone for days in a different country, and I am experiencing lots of new things, and thus learning… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 3): Meiji Shrine

Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Return to Sumida Park + Encounters + Reflections

The stretch of the Sumida Park that I already walked through is apparently just a glimpse of the whole park itself. On the other side is another stretch of cherry blossoms parallel to the Sumida river. I noticed that the boat that cruises along the river is more visible here compared to the other side,… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Return to Sumida Park + Encounters + Reflections

Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Morning Stroll at Sumida Park

After my visit at the Sensoji Temple, my next item on my itinerary was to go visit Sumida Park where the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival was to be held. The park was also at the Asakusa area and was just a short walk from the shrine.With the ever dependable Google Maps on… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Morning Stroll at Sumida Park

Sagada: My Last Whisk of Dreams & Mountain Adventures

It's been a long while since I went out of town to do some unwinding and just travel and expose myself more to nature, but as you can see on my travel logs, I didn't have anything planned for this year (which was kind of a bummer, I really have to roll my luggages on… Continue reading Sagada: My Last Whisk of Dreams & Mountain Adventures

Danjugan Island: Nature’s Sanctuary in Negros

[SEPTEMBER 2016]You might already have heard of this place: Danjugan Island. It's not labeled as a resort but as a sanctuary, and we well understood this when we got there.Danjugan is an island located at the Southeastern coast of Negros Occidental. It houses a variety of species of fish, birds, and even butterflies. Nature here… Continue reading Danjugan Island: Nature’s Sanctuary in Negros

Davao 2016: An Unexpected Journey to the South of PH

I know this is one of those long-overdue travel posts that I have on the blog, so I am really giving my best into writing them all here. This trip happened 2 years ago, and I will recall (the best way I can) all the things that happened during this trip. It was all my… Continue reading Davao 2016: An Unexpected Journey to the South of PH

Pangasinan: Lenten 2018

For this year's Holy Week, I spent it again at our province in Pangasinan. It has always been our family tradition to go there during the summer vacation. In recent years I wasn't able to go back again because of work and other appointments. I wanted to maintain the tradition alive, even pass it down… Continue reading Pangasinan: Lenten 2018

Cebu Trip 2015: A Summary

It's been 3 YEARS since everything in this post happened. I couldn't even locate the photos of this trip in my hard drive. ๐Ÿ˜… Thank goodness there's Google Photos. I was able to retrieve all the photos I took using my Nexus 5 smartphone.This is our first ever out-of-town trip with the team including the… Continue reading Cebu Trip 2015: A Summary