Hello WordPress!

You might have not noticed the change, but for my regular blog readers (Hey are you there? Say hi at the comments section LOL) for sure they have seen some changes on the layout of this blog since the last time they visited it. Well they are right, a lot of things have been brewing… Continue reading Hello WordPress!

Protecting Your Content [★]

While I am actually writing this post, I am researching on ways on how to protect the content of this blog. I have discovered that some of my images have been stolen on other sites and (as expected), no credit was given to the original owner. The feeling of resentment and hate  that I felt… Continue reading Protecting Your Content [★]

Blog Goes Through Makeover (Once Again!) [✏]

Well you can see it with your own eyes, right? The blog has transformed yet again! I think the last time I did this was a year ago already.the old blog layoutnew blog layoutI am just so glad that the blog grows along with me. It's been my outlet of a lot of memories and… Continue reading Blog Goes Through Makeover (Once Again!) [✏]

A-Z Challenge: Personal Photography Project [☾ ~ #16]

I was browsing through sites for new photography ideas, and I happened to come along to this post about starting your very own photography project. I became highly motivated, so I am giving it a try!So starting today, I would be doing the A-Z photo challenge project. It's gonna be a 'per-week' project. For this… Continue reading A-Z Challenge: Personal Photography Project [☾ ~ #16]

Change of Goals [✏]

"As time goes by, there will be changes in perspective."If you have no idea what this is all about, read this.I reviewed the initial goals that I listed here when I started to create this blog. Some of them are still applicable as of today, but there are some that I believe have been excluded… Continue reading Change of Goals [✏]