Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): The Unexpected Encounter

This happened in my return to Sumida Park. After my quick stop at the Ushijima Shrine, I began walking back to Sumida park grounds. As I was passing by the park with the pond (and with all the locals doing hanami), this memorable event started to take place. A young woman, around my age, who… Continue reading Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): The Unexpected Encounter

Learning to Say No

In life, there would be instances that you will be put in an awkward situation that you'll need to learn how to say what you really want to say. Although you feel for the person, it would always be fact of life that every one of us puts their own pack first before everything else.… Continue reading Learning to Say No

Media and Its Power to Change A Nation

During my travels to more developed countries, I can't help but observe how disciplined people are, which got me thinking - does that play a major part for a nation to flourish?I'd have to say yes, because every citizen plays a role to develop a country, and if they have good habits, then it will… Continue reading Media and Its Power to Change A Nation

SMART Truly Cares [★]

I have been a Smart subscriber since 2014. Now I have already reached the period wherein I can avail of a new handset as part of the network's retention plan promos. I already sent them my application earlier this year, however I was only able to personally visit the Smart store last week to follow up… Continue reading SMART Truly Cares [★]

Concert Issues [★]

VIXX in concert @ Mall of Asia Arena [May 2015]I have been to a lot of concerts already. Through the years, I can say that I have experienced different crowds within those concerts. Kpop, rock, hip-hop, alternative, pop, acoustics - name it, and most likely I've been in a concert like that. I can say attending… Continue reading Concert Issues [★]

The Situation of MRT Today [✏]

Last Friday, I rode the MRT at Buendia station going to Ortigas. It's been years since the last time I rode the train. This was the main vein of my transportation when I was in college (I live in the South, and I studied in Diliman). It was 4:30PM on a payday. I knew the… Continue reading The Situation of MRT Today [✏]

Parade (Japanese Movie): Digging Deep Into the Roots of Human Interactions [☝]

This is one of the movies that was shown during this year's Eiga Sai, and I am so happy I did not dare miss it, because who knew this is one film that would disturb the calm sea of my consciousness about myself and the people around me.promotional posterI have already written a post about… Continue reading Parade (Japanese Movie): Digging Deep Into the Roots of Human Interactions [☝]

My Elections 2013 Ballot [✏]

In a few hours, elections for senatorial, congressional and local positions will start in the Philippines. This is the second automated elections of the country. I've been looking at the profiles of candidates on the rappler site and using the information provided, I selected my bets to fill up slots for the senate.I've selected a… Continue reading My Elections 2013 Ballot [✏]

ANC Airs Forum on Cybercrime Law [☝]

Last October 10, 2012, ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) aired a forum about the controversial cybercrime law inviting law experts, IT experts, members of the NBI, and political leaders to share their views about the issue."Anonymity is one of the biggest challenge of the cybercrime law."This is what they pointed out at the start of the… Continue reading ANC Airs Forum on Cybercrime Law [☝]

Thoughts on the Cybercrime Law [☝]

On October 3, 2012, the law dubbed as the "E-Martial Law" was implemented by the Philippine government. Critics say that the law violates the freedom of speech which is a basic human right. As expected, this law was faced by overwhelming protests by people saying that this law is unfair and should be junked.But what… Continue reading Thoughts on the Cybercrime Law [☝]