#HeWILSurvive #FckCancer

Wil Dasovich.Not a very familiar name? He's a Filipino-American model and TV personality. You might have seen him in one Pinoy Big Brother season, but I know him mostly as a Youtuber. He publishes vlogs regularly on his channel.Every time my Youtube app makes a notification, I always hope that it's a new video from Wil.… Continue reading #HeWILSurvive #FckCancer

Farewell, Chester

I was inside the shuttle going to work Friday morning when I learned about the news. I scrolled the front page of Reddit and saw 3 posts saying the same news - Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, has committed suicide. As I read each of those headlines, I felt coldness travel down my insides. It… Continue reading Farewell, Chester

Eiga Sai 2015 Film: God Of Ramen [★]

My friend and I went to see this film that is part of the Eiga Sai Festival, an annual event, hosted by the Japan Foundation, Manila, with the screening held at Edsa Shangrila in Ortigas. This film festival is a widely-anticipated event and lots of people line up hours before the showing time to get sure… Continue reading Eiga Sai 2015 Film: God Of Ramen [★]

My Redditgifts Experience [★]

I have mentioned in the blog how much I have grown fond of  Reddit. The community has taught me from great life lessons (just like this one) down to the simple stuff of motivating me more to learn the piano, among others. The users in it always had interesting inputs and very intellectual opinions among a… Continue reading My Redditgifts Experience [★]

T@tt Awards 2014: "Expect the Unexpected" Launch Night [★]

The internet has truly revolutionized the way people communicate with the world. It has opened a limitless channel of information and also a boundless avenue for self-expression. It's so powerful that an ordinary person can become a superstar overnight because of a viral video. Each one of us who has access to the internet has… Continue reading T@tt Awards 2014: "Expect the Unexpected" Launch Night [★]

A Gift to the Philippines, From Me

I have a lot of dreams for the country. I believe my fellowmen can achieve great things, if they will try and not let our laid-back culture prevent us from achieving things beyond our limits (me included!).If I could give my country one gift, if I had a genie perhaps, something that is possible to… Continue reading A Gift to the Philippines, From Me

Track Picks by #TheVoicePH Candidates [★]

I know, I know. It's been months since the singing battle has ended. As much as I have tried keeping up on the episodes that aired every week, I failed on following the show.I have searched each of the contestants on Soundcloud and these are the artists and the songs that I like on their… Continue reading Track Picks by #TheVoicePH Candidates [★]

Dayrit Exhibit On Display At UP Vargas Museum [★]

Vargas Museum in cooperation with Artinformal (AI), presents Bla-Bla Archaeological Complex, presentsan exhibition of the works of Cian Dayrit.Cian Dayrit continues his inquiry into the role that strategies of display and representation play in mediating our notions of history and the associated domains of identity, heritage, and nationhood. In the Bla-Bla Archaeological Complex, Dayrit presents… Continue reading Dayrit Exhibit On Display At UP Vargas Museum [★]

Kdrama Fashion Style: "Heartstrings" [★]

Hi guys! This is the third installment for my set in this blog called Kdrama Fashion Style wherein selected Korean dramas are reviewed for the fashion sense that the characters in that drama possess. We've already done this for Rooftop Prince and Missing You. These posts received an immensely positive feedback from the readers. This motivated… Continue reading Kdrama Fashion Style: "Heartstrings" [★]

Lead Stars Revealed for Fifty Shades Film [★]

Finally, the word is out. Stars who would play the lead roles of the much anticipated film adaptation of the erotica book Fifty Shades of Grey have been named.Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson are set to play the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele of the Fifty Shades series. The author of the books… Continue reading Lead Stars Revealed for Fifty Shades Film [★]