After Your Heart – Vertical Worship [♬ ~ #28]

I had super fun studying this song - from the vocals to the chords on the piano. Plus, I also learned new mixing styles on Audacity via this video. I'm exploring next how to connect the keyboard to the PC via a MIDI-USB cable so I could record my playing data and manipulate it using… Continue reading After Your Heart – Vertical Worship [♬ ~ #28]

10 – Built by Titan [♬ ~ #27]

It's been a while since I've made something like this on the blog, so I'm happy I finally got the time to do one. I've spent around two days learning the song and the chords on the piano. It's nice to play the keyboard again. I should do this more often from now on. :D… Continue reading 10 – Built by Titan [♬ ~ #27]

Voice Memos – Recording Sessions Uncovered

For years now, I have been self-studying the piano (I admit the progress has been very slow 😐) and I would occasionally publish some of my "works" online (just go to my SoundCloud account). Recently I was able to uncover some of my unfinished works from my old iPhone, most of them I already forgotten that… Continue reading Voice Memos – Recording Sessions Uncovered

Imagine (John Lennon) [♬ ~ #26]

I found myself this weekend renewing my hunger to learn new pieces on the piano. I happened to encounter to awesome app called Musescore. Then I found the piece on the Discover section. I always wanted to learn playing this one. It is an easy piece, and an iconic and legendary song. I used John… Continue reading Imagine (John Lennon) [♬ ~ #26]

Jam and Chords [♬ ~ #25]

It's been a long while since I joined /r/piano's monthly piano jam, and fortunately for this month I had the time (and motivation lol) to finish learning this very simple piece. This piece is actually the easiest one in this month's list. There was another one that I wanted to learn, but I think I… Continue reading Jam and Chords [♬ ~ #25]

SimplyPiano & PianoMaestro: Apps for Learning Piano!

You might have seen on the blog that I have been self-studying playing the piano for years. Well I have tried having formal lessons with a teacher, but I didn't have that much significant progress after our 8 sessions, and I also figured that I didn't want that kind of learning method. I want my… Continue reading SimplyPiano & PianoMaestro: Apps for Learning Piano!

Piano Cover: Various Pop Songs [♬ ~ #24]

I've been covering pop songs for the past few steps that I've done for my goal of learning to play the piano. I realized I haven't finished learning the song in my step #23 (yikes!). I think I got distracted along they way. Instead, I learned 3 pop songs to play on the piano!This is all… Continue reading Piano Cover: Various Pop Songs [♬ ~ #24]

Goodbye to My Piano

I've been meaning to sell my old piano for months now. I had to think about doing this actually for a long time, because the piano is very sentimental to me. This is where I learned most of the Vanessa Carlton and Yiruma pieces that I know, as well as most of the cover songs… Continue reading Goodbye to My Piano

Drama Review: Page Turner

Page Turner is another drama discovery I did on Viu. I was then in an emotional phase and I needed lots of distractions so as not to think too much about things. I just finished watching A Girl & Three Sweethearts (which I really liked). I was beginning to feel down again so I browsed for the… Continue reading Drama Review: Page Turner

Piano Cover: Everglow (Coldplay) [♬ ~ #23] – In Progress

I was so hyped because Coldplay will be finally coming to Manila for a concert on April 2017! However I was not able to get tickets because they were sold out just a few days after the official start of ticket sales. 💔Yup, I am going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Coldplay live in a… Continue reading Piano Cover: Everglow (Coldplay) [♬ ~ #23] – In Progress