Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Gyeongbokgung Photoshoot

Heh I know I'm two years late with this post, but better late than never! 😊And so the story of my visit to Gyeongbok Palace begins here. It was not my first time to go here actually, although the experience this time around is a bit more interesting because I am wearing a hanbok, South Korea's… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Gyeongbokgung Photoshoot

Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Hanbok Rental at OnedayHanbok

Hanbok Rental in Korea is immensely popular among tourists. It's a cultural experience that any tourist should try! It's an exhilarating feeling to see yourself dressed in a very unique costume. 💗There are establishments that allow hanbok fitting wherein you choose one that you'd like and then take a photo in a studio as remembrance.… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Hanbok Rental at OnedayHanbok

Danjugan Island: Nature’s Sanctuary in Negros

[SEPTEMBER 2016]You might already have heard of this place: Danjugan Island. It's not labeled as a resort but as a sanctuary, and we well understood this when we got there.Danjugan is an island located at the Southeastern coast of Negros Occidental. It houses a variety of species of fish, birds, and even butterflies. Nature here… Continue reading Danjugan Island: Nature’s Sanctuary in Negros

Taipei 2017: Day 5 ~ Temples & Lakes

This has got to be one of my favorite days in our trip in Taiwan because I got to do a lot of sight-seeing for today. Because we really didn't have a fixed itinerary for this particular trip, we had some days we literally didn't have an idea what to do next. Day 5 is… Continue reading Taipei 2017: Day 5 ~ Temples & Lakes

Davao 2016: An Unexpected Journey to the South of PH

I know this is one of those long-overdue travel posts that I have on the blog, so I am really giving my best into writing them all here. This trip happened 2 years ago, and I will recall (the best way I can) all the things that happened during this trip. It was all my… Continue reading Davao 2016: An Unexpected Journey to the South of PH

Coffee Shop Hunting Adventures

I've mentioned on the blog that I did some bulk book buying during the last Manila International Book Fair. I got really inspired to go back to basics and read actual physical books. However, I know I suck at consistently reading my books. And so I thought of a method that would be a win-win… Continue reading Coffee Shop Hunting Adventures

Hair Makeover – Creations by Lourd Ramos

I think I'm still not over getting my hair bleached and colored (like I wanted to believe to) because several months after the last few inches of my bleached hair have been cut off, I found myself in a salon, prepping my hair for a balayage hair color treatment. The culprit is this promo I… Continue reading Hair Makeover – Creations by Lourd Ramos

Swim Central’s Open Water Exposure: Batch 9

Conquer your fears, they say. Through this experience, I sure did, and I'm not only talking about my fear of deep waters.And so there I was, awkwardly climbing down the rocks, late to the party.I  had to go back to our van coz I forgot to bring my goggles. 😂The Search For the "Treading Skill"I… Continue reading Swim Central’s Open Water Exposure: Batch 9

Review: Third Eye Wellness | BGC

A friend of mine recommended this spa place in Bonifacio Global City where she had a satisfying full body scrub. I've never had a body scrub before (I'm always into DIY stuff, just buying salt scrubs in the market). I was excited to undergo a scrub professionally so I gave in to my friend's recommendation… Continue reading Review: Third Eye Wellness | BGC

Pangasinan: Lenten 2018

For this year's Holy Week, I spent it again at our province in Pangasinan. It has always been our family tradition to go there during the summer vacation. In recent years I wasn't able to go back again because of work and other appointments. I wanted to maintain the tradition alive, even pass it down… Continue reading Pangasinan: Lenten 2018