Impact Analysis in Software Development

If you've been working in the software development field for years (like me), for sure you have done some kind of impact analysis at least once among the projects that you have worked on. Maybe you were not just aware but actually what you were doing is a form of impact analysis. How do you… Continue reading Impact Analysis in Software Development

My First Ever Match-Making Event

I have done something for the first time today: attend a match-making event. I tend to feel intimidated and scared to attend any event of this nature, but what made me consider going to this one is the fact that I have connections with one of the organizers of the event. It happened that I… Continue reading My First Ever Match-Making Event

The Director’s Speech

I've never been prouder listening to someone make a speech in our workplace, all because all the points that this person has stated during the speech talked about the life lessons that I have learned (and still learning) during all my stay in my current company. Just last week, we had a "woman leadership empowerment"… Continue reading The Director’s Speech

Media and Its Power to Change A Nation

During my travels to more developed countries, I can't help but observe how disciplined people are, which got me thinking - does that play a major part for a nation to flourish?I'd have to say yes, because every citizen plays a role to develop a country, and if they have good habits, then it will… Continue reading Media and Its Power to Change A Nation

Journey to Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater [★]

[January 2016] And so my journey in climbing mountains continues.It's been around 7 months since I went up this famous mountain's crater. Almost all of us from the team went to this hike. I think the idea of doing this trip started with my other teammates wanting to do hiking with us (because they knew… Continue reading Journey to Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater [★]

My Takeaways from "The Vampire Diaries" [★]

For the past several weeks, I have been hooked to watching this teen vampire drama titled The Vampire Diaries. Yes, I have been behind the times. It was just until recently that I got to watch this series which has become popular since its release in 2009.The Vampire Diaries: Love sucks. :pI got a copy… Continue reading My Takeaways from "The Vampire Diaries" [★]

Isolating Vocals from a Music Track [✏]

One day I came across this reddit post with links to acapella versions of the songs in Taylor Swift's 1989 album. The moment I hit play on that first track, I was blown away. Those tracks contain Taylor's actual vocals used in the songs and they were just edited to have the vocals isolated. Cool, right?I… Continue reading Isolating Vocals from a Music Track [✏]

Fortune Telling: Do You Believe In It? [❁]

image credit: mysacredjourney.files.wordpress.comIt happened that today there was a Free Fortune Telling booth at our building because apparently it's Chinese New Year, and this was part of the celebration. I have never tried this before and honestly I was a bit anxious when we arrived there to line up and have our fortune revealed to us.Apparently… Continue reading Fortune Telling: Do You Believe In It? [❁]