My First Ever Match-Making Event

I have done something for the first time today: attend a match-making event. I tend to feel intimidated and scared to attend any event of this nature, but what made me consider going to this one is the fact that I have connections with one of the organizers of the event. It happened that I… Continue reading My First Ever Match-Making Event

The Director’s Speech

I've never been prouder listening to someone make a speech in our workplace, all because all the points that this person has stated during the speech talked about the life lessons that I have learned (and still learning) during all my stay in my current company. Just last week, we had a "woman leadership empowerment"… Continue reading The Director’s Speech

Media and Its Power to Change A Nation

During my travels to more developed countries, I can't help but observe how disciplined people are, which got me thinking - does that play a major part for a nation to flourish?I'd have to say yes, because every citizen plays a role to develop a country, and if they have good habits, then it will… Continue reading Media and Its Power to Change A Nation

Journey to Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater [★]

[January 2016] And so my journey in climbing mountains continues.It's been around 7 months since I went up this famous mountain's crater. Almost all of us from the team went to this hike. I think the idea of doing this trip started with my other teammates wanting to do hiking with us (because they knew… Continue reading Journey to Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater [★]

My Takeaways from "The Vampire Diaries" [★]

For the past several weeks, I have been hooked to watching this teen vampire drama titled The Vampire Diaries. Yes, I have been behind the times. It was just until recently that I got to watch this series which has become popular since its release in 2009.The Vampire Diaries: Love sucks. :pI got a copy… Continue reading My Takeaways from "The Vampire Diaries" [★]

Isolating Vocals from a Music Track [✏]

One day I came across this reddit post with links to acapella versions of the songs in Taylor Swift's 1989 album. The moment I hit play on that first track, I was blown away. Those tracks contain Taylor's actual vocals used in the songs and they were just edited to have the vocals isolated. Cool, right?I… Continue reading Isolating Vocals from a Music Track [✏]

Fortune Telling: Do You Believe In It? [❁]

image credit: mysacredjourney.files.wordpress.comIt happened that today there was a Free Fortune Telling booth at our building because apparently it's Chinese New Year, and this was part of the celebration. I have never tried this before and honestly I was a bit anxious when we arrived there to line up and have our fortune revealed to us.Apparently… Continue reading Fortune Telling: Do You Believe In It? [❁]

Q1 2016 Morning Playlist [★]

To start the year, I'm having these songs in my morning playlist for the first quarter! Creating a morning playlist has been a part of my routine every quarter since 2012. These are the songs that I play upon waking up in the morning to prepare for work. It also serves as my timer to know when I… Continue reading Q1 2016 Morning Playlist [★]