Isolating Vocals from a Music Track [✏]

One day I came across this reddit post with links to acapella versions of the songs in Taylor Swift's 1989 album. The moment I hit play on that first track, I was blown away. Those tracks contain Taylor's actual vocals used in the songs and they were just edited to have the vocals isolated. Cool, right?I… Continue reading Isolating Vocals from a Music Track [✏]

The Javascript Blues [☝]

For the past year, I have been working with a fairly new programming language -- Javascript. My past work experience exposed me to Java (of which I'm still trying to get to know) so I am still new with Javascript. It's common misconception that these two languages are somehow the same, but I'm telling you otherwise.… Continue reading The Javascript Blues [☝]

Google Photos: That Annoying Auto Backup Feature [☝]

Don't get me wrong with that title above. I adore Google. This is why I chose having the Nexus 5 over that widely-anticipated iPhone 5. But of course there will always be something that will not be your cup of tea, and for me that's the auto back up feature of Google Photos on my… Continue reading Google Photos: That Annoying Auto Backup Feature [☝]

Hide Clock From Taskbar To Breeze Faster Through a Day at Work [★]

Out of sight, out of mind. This sentence explains the concept behind this little trick that will do wonders to your eveyday experience at work. :DIf you are like me who faces the monitor for almost 8 hours straight (and even more ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ), a day at work seems soooo long. I tend to always check… Continue reading Hide Clock From Taskbar To Breeze Faster Through a Day at Work [★]

Retrieving Images From Chrome’s Cache [★]

So you saw this juicy photo of a friend on Facebook and you wanted to download it for you to have your own copy. But when you went back to the page, it's gone already! Apparently your friend took it down and deleted the photo out of embarrassment. Well fear not, your evil plans are… Continue reading Retrieving Images From Chrome’s Cache [★]

Cool Websites: – Integrated Korean Beginning 1 [☯ ~ #2]

Another leap towards this goal!So I am still here on the process of self-learning reading hangul. Actually there are lots of websites out there that teach different languages for you to acquire and learn, and one of them that I've found is Memrise.I have learned this site through Lifehacker (as always!) and I am on… Continue reading Cool Websites: – Integrated Korean Beginning 1 [☯ ~ #2]

Cool Websites: Working With CSS and Color Palettes [★]

Website designing can become a tough job if you don't yet have an idea on what you really want to do on the site. These days, even non-programmers sometimes get into designing stuff to personalize the look of their social networking pages. Good thing even if you don't really understand those codes of HTML and… Continue reading Cool Websites: Working With CSS and Color Palettes [★]

Handy Eclipse IDE Keyboard Shortcuts [✏]

I have been coding in Java since college, and I have been using Eclipse IDE since I started working. I don't know why I did not start using this when I was studying though (I was only using Notepad++ back then) because it is a very powerful tool for developing not just Java but also… Continue reading Handy Eclipse IDE Keyboard Shortcuts [✏]

Recording Piano (Electronic Keyboard) Sounds to Your PC [☝]

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time - to be able to play the piano and record it in the highest quality possible in mp3 format. This is not just for the purpose of documenting the pieces that I can play on the piano, but also this is great for sharing your… Continue reading Recording Piano (Electronic Keyboard) Sounds to Your PC [☝]

Ways to Secure Yourself Online [★]

Identity theft has become widespread in the world wide web. This is done by cyber criminals that extract other people's personal information to make monetary transactions and do illegal activities. This is why everyone is being thought to be well aware of their online activities.(image are some of the ways that you can protect yourself on the… Continue reading Ways to Secure Yourself Online [★]