A TVXQ! Concert in Manila (Finally!!!)

Sometimes dreams can span years before being materialized. You'll just have to always keep the faith. And yes, it is finally happening. In two month's time, TVXQ! will be holding their first ever concert here in Manila, and we can't be happier that Pulp Live World will be handling this event. https://www.facebook.com/pulpliveworldprod/posts/2384577511573305 Happee Sy is… Continue reading A TVXQ! Concert in Manila (Finally!!!)

Jaejoong Live (At Last) in Manila

Dreams do come true, always keep the faith.CAUTIONcontains uncontrolled spazzing of 8 years worth of fangirling dreams that came true that nightUntil now, days after these all happened, I am still feeling incomprehensible emotions. Did it really happen? Was I not dreaming? Did I really see Kim Jaejoong live? It still hasn't really sank in, but the… Continue reading Jaejoong Live (At Last) in Manila

Seoul Trip 2015: Day 4 ~ Gangnam Strolling [★]

We proceeded in exploring more of Gangnam, one of the richest districts in Seoul. True enough, this stretch of the Apgujeong road shows proof to this claim, as signature brands are all side by side in the area.K-Star RoadThere's a newly launched KPOP-themed attraction in Gangnam called K-Star Road.Psy's Toy K Doll in GangnamThis project was… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2015: Day 4 ~ Gangnam Strolling [★]

Seoul Trip 2015: Day1 ~ SMTown at Coex Atrium [★]

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and SM Entertainment Co., Ltd have partnered to showcase a one-of-a-kind experience of the Korean culture for foreign tourists with the launch of the Hallyu Concert and Moonlight Tour Program for Foreigners. From April 1 to 2, foreign tourists had a chance to watch a hologram concert at the SM Town Theatre, and… Continue reading Seoul Trip 2015: Day1 ~ SMTown at Coex Atrium [★]

PH KPop Convention 5 – A Huge Success [★]

Can I just say that this event had just stamped its mark in Philippine KPOP history?The Philippine KPOP Convention was at its grandest form this year as it has partnered with Pulp Live World to bring four KPOP artists to perform in the event - A.Cian, LC9, Lunafly, and Boyfriend. The convention was held at… Continue reading PH KPop Convention 5 – A Huge Success [★]

TVXQ and JYJ Celebrate Their 10th Debut Anniversary [★]

Exactly a decade ago, the five-member TVXQ (or also called Dong Bang Shin Ki/DBSK/TVfXQ) had their first stage as singers when they sang O Holy Night with BoA on a special Christmas presentation. Fast forward to ten years, TVXQ has become an established and respected group, not just in the KPOP industry, but in the worldwide… Continue reading TVXQ and JYJ Celebrate Their 10th Debut Anniversary [★]

CassPH Mini Gathering: Mirotic Concert Screening at KCC [★]

All Cassies! Hear ye! Hear ye!We are in for an extra treat a week before the most anticipated KPOPCon5!Cassiopeia Philippines in cooperation with the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) will be having a special FREE holiday concert screening of TVXQ's Mirotic Concert in Seoul on December 20, 3:30PM at KCC.Personally, this is my most favorite concert of… Continue reading CassPH Mini Gathering: Mirotic Concert Screening at KCC [★]

When Will I See TVXQ and JYJ in the Flesh? [❁]

One of TVXQ's last album photoshoots together before the disbandment in 2010.I have been fangirling on them for 4 years. I have seen thousands of photos of them and hours of videos on them on youtube. I have screamed my lungs out for them.I have cried a lot for them (insert emoshinki feels here).When will I see… Continue reading When Will I See TVXQ and JYJ in the Flesh? [❁]

KPOP Con 4: Ending The Year the Fangirling Way [★]

The day has come for all the kpop fans in the country to unite for this one grand event! It's the KPOP Convention 4! Held last Saturday (December 29) at the PICC Forums 1-3, hundreds upon hundreds of kpop fans all over the country gathered to celebrate the music that we all have come to… Continue reading KPOP Con 4: Ending The Year the Fangirling Way [★]

The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention

Time flies real fast! It's already the fourth one! The Philippine KPOP Committee Inc. (PKCI) brings yet again the biggest gathering of all kpop fans in the country - The 4th Annual Philippine KPOP Convention - on December 29, 2012 (9AM - 9PM) at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Forums 1-3.  This event, which started… Continue reading The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention